For children with autism and those with similar communication difficulties 

For children with autism and those with similar communications difficulties   

TEAM RYDER'S support continues as Stephen O'Neill is running the London Marathon this year to raise funds for interAKtive. How exciting! We are so pleased. Thank you so much Stephen. 

What a family they are! Amazing fundraising for interAKtive over the last few years by the O'Neills THANK YOU so much! Please show your support for Stephen by sponsoring him if you can on the link below. THANK YOU!!!  

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interAKtive is a Surrey based parent-led charity for families who have a child children, on the autism spectrum, or a child with a similar communication difficulty. We help local children and their families to access support and leisure opportunities through activity events, family fun days, an ASD specialist play-scheme in the Easter and summer holidays and member coffee mornings.  We also hold an Annual Conference with guest speakers and are aiming to develop future schemes targeted at 16-19 year olds. Most activities are EXCLUSIVE to our members and are available to siblings also so that families can take part in activities together.  Examples of activities include exclusive swim sessions at the Guildford Spectrum, climbing at White Spider Climbing centre, exclusive afternoon at Bocketts Farm, cake decorating workshops, trampolining, horse riding and much more! All events are subsidised by the charity to ensure events are affordable for our members.